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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Symptoms of depression and anxiety in post myocardial infarction patients.Khan, Dr. Masha A.; Akhtar, S.; Saad, B.
2006Siraiki to English translation of Safeer Lashari’s poems in Siraiki, ‘Siraiki Di Fariyad’, ‘Sooba Cha Buna o Siraikistan Da’and‘Usaan Khairat Naeen MungdayLangah, Dr. Nukhbah T.
2006Irrational beliefs as predictors of depressive symptoms among urban adolescents of Lahore, Pakistan.Khan, Dr. Masha A.; Rahman, N. K.
2008Translation of Kafis in The Journal of the School of LanguageLangah, Dr. Nukhbah T.
2008Translation of Noshi Gillani:PoemsLangah, Dr. Nukhbah T.; Greenlaw, Lavinia
2008Translation of Rifat AbbasLangah, Dr. Nukhbah T.
2008-06Psychosocial factors associated with symptoms of depression and anxiety following acute myocardial infarction.Khan, Dr. Masha A.; Akhtar, S.; Saad, B.
2008-08Review and photo essay of Hussain Ahmed Khan’s book Re-thinking PunjabLangah, Dr. Nukhbah T.
2009The Journey towards SiraikiLangah, Dr. Nukhbah T.
2010Identification of relationship of self-image with anxiety and depression among college girls of Lahore Pakistan-
2011Call for Siraiki Province’,Forum of Federations:The Global Network on FederalismsLangah, Dr. Nukhbah T.; Anjali, Gera Roy
2011Dada Negativity and Pakistani Characters for Bollywood FilmsLangah, Dr. Nukhbah T.; Din, Kamal U.
2011the Concept of ‘Backwardness’ through a Postcolonial LensLangah, Dr. Nukhbah T.
2011Poetry as Resistance: Islam & Ethnicity in PostcolonialPakistanLangah, Dr. Nukhbah T.
2013Relationship of emotional intelligence with job satisfaction, self-esteem and stress among professionals.Khan, Dr. Masha A.; Fatima, I.; Munir, M. F.
2013A comparative study of adjustment problems among mothers of autism spectrum disorder and normal children.Siddique, N.; Jibeen, T.; Khan, Dr. Masha A.
2013-11Discourse of Socialization in Pakistan: An Analysis of Visiting CardsJaved, Dr. Ambreen
2014Screening commercial wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) varieties for Agrobacterium mediated transformation abilityAbid, N.; Maqbool, Dr. Asma; Malik, Dr. Kauser .A.
2014Comparison of phytase activity in roots of wheat varieties grown under different phosphorus conditions.Mohsin, S.; Malik, Dr. Kauser .A.; Maqbool, Dr. Asma
2014Agrobacterium tumefaciens mediated optimization of transformation in Populus deltoids.John, E.; Maqbool, Dr. Asma; Malik, Dr. Kauser .A.