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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Stable transformation and expression of GhEXPA8 fiber expansin gene to improve fiber length and micronaire value in cottonBajwa, K. S.; Shahid, Ahmad A.; Rao, Abul Q.; Bashir, Dr. Aftab; Aftab, Aasia; Husnain, Tayyab
2015Cloning and characterization of Beta-tubulin gene promoter from Brassica rapa and its expression analysisBashir, Dr. Aftab; Mubeen, H.; Shoaib, M. W.; Raza, S.; Hussain, N.
2015Deletion analysis of Susy-Sl promoter for the identification of optimal promoter sequence.Bacha, S.; Khatoon, A.; Asif, M.; Yuan, J.; Bashir, Dr. Aftab
2015Identification and analysis of an efficient dicot constitutive promoter from tomatoBashir, Dr. Aftab; Khatoon, A.; Bacha, S.; Asif, M.; Yuan, J.
2016Cloning and expression analysis of alcohol dehydrogenase (Adh) hybrid promoter isolated from Zea maysBashir, Dr. Aftab; Masood, A.; Iqbal, N.; Mubeen, H.; Naqvi, R. Z.
2016Expression analysis of fiber related genes in cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) through Real Time PCRBashir, Dr. Aftab; Asif, M.; Khatoon, A.; Iqbal, N.
2016Histochemical GUS expression of cotton SPS promoter in transgenic tobacco.Bashir, Dr. Aftab; Asif, M.; Masood, A.; Iqbal, N.
2017Transgenic expression of phytase in wheat endosperm increases bioavailability of iron and zinc in grains.Abid, N.; Khatoon, A.; Maqbool, A.; Irfan, Dr. Muhmmad; Bashir, Dr. Aftab; Mailk, Dr. Kauser .A.; Brinch-Pedersen, H.; Saeed, A.
2017Histochemical GUS expression of beta tubulin promoter in transgenic tobaccoRaza, S.; Masood, A.; Ameen, A.; Bashir, Dr. Aftab; Mubeen, H.
2017Utilization of multi transcription factor genes for enhancing wheat yieldBashir, Dr. Aftab