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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-09Phenolic and flavonoid contents and anti-oxidative potential of epicarp and mesocarp of Lagenaria siceraria fruit: a comparative studyAhmad, Dr. Dildar; Saeed, Sana; Fatima, Munim
2016Cholinesterases Inhibitory Activities of N-Phenylthiazol-2-Amine Derivatives and their Molecular Docking StudiesIqbal, Jamshed; Rashida, Dr. Mariya A.; Babar, Ayesha; Hameed, Abdul; Khan, M. Siraj; Munawar, Ali; Farooq, Athar
2014DFT studies on the tetranuclear cubane complex [Ni4(ampd)4(Cl4)]·MeCNAbbas, G.; Irfan, A.; Rashida, Dr. Mariya A.; Rana, U. Ali; shakir, I.
2015Bioactive compounds from Carissa opaca roots and xanthine oxidase and alpha-amylase inhibitory activities of their methanolic extract and its fractions in different solventsAhmad, Dr. Dildar; Saeed, Ramsha
2014-10-20Analysis of Phenolic and Flavonoid Contents, and the Anti-Oxidative Potential and Lipid Peroxidation Inhibitory Activity of Methanolic Extract of Carissa opaca Roots and Its Fractions in Different SolventsAhmad, Dr. Dildar; Saeed, Ramsha; Khaizran, Fatima
2014Sulfa Drugs as Inhibitors of Carbonic Anhydrase: New Targets for the Old DrugsRashida, Dr. Mariya A.; Hamayoun, Mehwish; Altaf, Aisha; Iqbal, Jamshed; Hussain, Sajad
2017Solvent-free 1H-tetrazole, 1,2,5,6-tetrahydronicotinonitrile and pyrazole synthesis using quinoline based ionic fluoride salts (QuFs): thermal and theoretical studiesIqbal, Nafees; Hashim, Jamshed; Ali, Syed Abid; Rashida, Dr. Mariya A.; D. Alharthy, Rima; Ahmed, Shakeel; Khan, Khalid M.; Basha, Fatima Zahra; Syed, Tarique Moin; Hameed, Abdul
20162-Alkoxy-3-(sulfonylarylaminomethylene)-chroman-4-ones as potent and selective inhibitors of ectonucleotidasesRashida, Dr. Mariya A.; Batool, Ghazala; Sattar, Almas; Ejaz, Syeda Abida; Khan, Samiullah; Lecka, Joanna; Jean, Sévigny; Hameed, Abdul; Iqbal, Jamshed
2016pH-dependent probing of levofloxacin assimilated in surfactant mediated assemblies: Insights from photoluminescent and chromatographic measurementsNazar, M. F.; Azeem, W.; Rana, U. A.; Ashfaq, M.; Lashin, A.; Al-arifi, N.; Rahman, H. M.A; Lazim, A. M.; Mahmood, A.
2017Influence of acids, bases and surfactants on the photocatalytic degradation of a model dye rhodamine BKhan, A. M.; Mahmood, A.; Sayed, M.; Nazar, M. F.; Ismail, B.; Khan, R. A.; Ullah, H.; Rahman, H. M.A; Khan, Dr. Athar Y.; Khan, Abdur R.