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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Exploring Elements of Sensationalism, Negativism, Falsification and Code Of Ethics in Breaking News Hypotheses: How College Students Perceive News Valence From Satellite TV Channels in PakistanShah, Dr. Mudassar H.; Kumar, A.; Kausar, S.; Yaqoub, M.
2016Evaluating Horrific Cinema from The Hypotheses of Psychological Effects on College Students of Two Cities of PakistanShah, Dr. Mudassar H.; Kausar, S.; Kumar, A.
2016Mass Media Performance in Covering Flash Floods in Pakistan: An Analysis of Public Perception in Two Districts of PunjabShah, Dr. Mudassar H.; Yaqoub, M.; Kausar, S.; Kumar, A.
2016Correlation Between Newspapers’ Agenda and Public Agenda on National Issues During General Elections 2013 in PakistanShah, Dr. Mudassar H.; Kausar, S.; Kumar, A.
2016Portrayal of American Drone Attacks Against Terrorists: Coverage In Editorials by The Washington Post and DawnShah, Dr. Mudassar H.; Ismail, M.; Kousar, S.
2016Confucian And Islamic Perspective Of Relational Corporate Social Responsibility: The Model Covering Non-Material DimensionsShah, Dr. Mudassar H.; Kousar, S.
2015Advertising and PR in China from the Perspective of CSR – A Functional Comparative AnalysisShah, Dr. Mudassar H.; Xianhong, Chen
2014Media and Public Agenda on National Issues in PakistanShah, Dr. Mudassar H.; Yaqoub, M.
2016Dictionary and Quick Reference to MediaShah, Dr. Mudassar H.
2018Dubbed Turkish TV Series Effects on Youth: Perception Analysis of Adoption of Fashion Trends on Two Metropolises of Pakistan’ in ‘Beyond Partition: Mediascapes and Literature in Post-Colonial India, Pakistan and BangladeshLangah, Dr. Nukhbah T.; Shah, Dr. Mudassar H.; Sengupta, Roshni